Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Blogging Bogging

I have discovered I'm not so good at remembering to Blog. I get Bogged down in other happenings....like broken water heaters, broken washing machines, and broken "rememberer". The first two I am dealing with...the third, not so good.
My excuse used to be "my memory isn't so good 'cause my brother had a stroke", later it changed to "my memory isn't so good 'cause my mother had a stroke". I was a bit too young when I could have said "my memory isn't so good 'cause my dad had a stroke".
Yeah, yeah, I know...the symptoms aren't contagious, but it sounded like a good explanation and no one ever questioned it. I'm not sure if they were being kind because my brother/mother/dad had a stroke or because they thought I didn't know strokes weren't "catching".

I haven't used that excuse in a while....I might try it again now, but I would have to change it to "my memory isn't so good 'cause my sister had a stroke".
Genetics, I guess.
I asked the doctor what he was going to do to make sure I was the one out of the five that couldn't add "stroke" to the list of diseases on their medical file. His answer? baby aspirin Sounds too simple but I'm taking that little pill every day. I suppose it is working---at least all my little cuts and scrapes bleed enough to make me think it is working.
baby aspirin Sounds too simple to me.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School Happens

The first day has come and gone....heard from Autumn: "grrrr"
from Austin: new girlfriend, and loves AP classes
from Casey: joined the band and playing trumpet
from Nathan: great teachers and great friends
from Sean: too big to let Mom walk him to class

Monday, August 24, 2009

My fingers can still talk!!!

Yesterday I happened to be in the check out line behind three deaf adults. I caught myself "eavesdropping" on what should have been their personal interactions. I caught myself interpreting for the cashier when she didn't quite "get" what the lady was trying to point out to her. I caught myself in a conversation with three lovely people.
Yep, the fingers still have it!!!

Aug 24, 2009

Today is the first day of school for many friends and family....and the first day of my seventh year of retirement. I do miss the smell of new crayons and the sweet smiling faces of my students. But I don't miss the early hours (retirement doesn't have an alarm clock). I don't miss writing lesson plans (retirement doesn't have plans unless you want them). And I don't miss the bone tired feeling of the first day of school (retirement takes naps if you want to).
To my teacher friends---bless you for loving them all, bless you for sharing your love of learning with them all, bless you for being the missionary of knowledge that you are.
To my student friends and family---bless you for being the example you should be. Bless you for being the friend you want to be. Bless you for being the learner you can be.